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Cruisers - Streetboardz Dragon 3.5

The Streetboardz are an invention that gives the enjoyment of surfing on dry land. These boards have spring loaded trucks which offer an exceptional turning circle and an even smoother ride. $315


Sector nine long boards

Sector nine is one of the more popular long board company’s around. With their sturdy structure and double king pin design it makes the ride smooth and enjoyable. Starting at $249 - $329



Speakys special: the Speakys shop boards are a normal shape deck with a layer of carbon fibre on the top ply. Even though this adds weight it does improve the strength of the board itself. $79.99

Cruisers - Streetboardz Dragon 3.5   Sector nine long boards   Speakys skate deck - blueSpeakys skate deck - greenSpeakys skate deck - red

Trucks - Theeve

These trucks are coming out of nowhere. With their titanium axels and slimline build they are lighter than most trucks on the market. $70


Trucks - Independent

These trucks are one of the most  recognised truck companys out there.  With there strong structure they are built to gind. $99.99


Skate Tools

The silver skate tool is the next best thing in skateboard accessories. It features a ratchet for the deck bolts, grip tape file and an Allen key. $30

Trucks - Theeve   Trucks - Independent   Skate Tools

Shoes - Vans

The vans pro skateboarding shoes are exceptional for skateboarding, providing padded inner and tough suede on the outside.


Shoes - Globe

Globe brand have a great range of shoes, good for casual or skatebaording. Globe has a soft insole but a tough wearing toe and out sole.


Shoes - Nike

Nike SB (skateboarding) is  the brand for skateboarding… There shoes are very poopular and have a slim design but the durability is a standout.

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