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Terry LyonsIn the late 1960's, Terry Lyons was a self-described beach bum who moved from Melbourne to be closer to where the big waves were. In 1969, the then labourer borrowed $4,000 from his old man to open a retail outlet selling wetsuits and board shorts made by a few of his mates in Torquay. "He thought I was crazy."

While his mates businesses went on to become the global enterprises Rip Curl and Quiksilver, Terry Lyons' own store put Geelong on the surfing retail map. In the early days he offered advice on designs the kids liked and were buying. "The surf industry wasn't treated as a business, it was just looked upon as a cult thing. But by that first Christmas we'd turned over $9,000 and even dad came around to thinking we'd done good."

Courtesy of The Geelong Times
April 2008


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